Wednesday, July 7, 2010

rah, rah ,rah!

i'd love to tell you the reason i've been absent from the blogosphere is because i've been cracking away at my manuscript - furiously flying through my revisions so i can start the climactic ending of my novel.
that would be a big fat lie.

i KNOW i'm supposed to be working on my opening chapters and making my work more cohesive and polished.
i KNOW i have to actually complete the darn thing if i'm ever going to submit it.
and i KNOW i should dedicate the small amount of free time i have to my writing.

i am heavily distracted. and of course you already know by who:

so, color me obsessed.
but can you blame me? they will only exist as a band for six more months.
i think that well entitles me to listen to their cds, watch their videos, swoon over photos, fantasize about...erm, uh, you know what i mean.

i know once the year is out, and my favorite group has disbanded, i will no longer be acting like an infatuated preteen. strange as it may sound, it's been fun to experience all this again as an adult in control of her life as opposed to the girl who felt helpless and had to turn to music as her only source of comfort. in a way it feels like i get to fully enjoy their music for what it is, instead of drawing from it what i needed.

i can't say for sure i'd be feeling this flood of emotions so strongly if i weren't in the middle of writing a YA novel. but, knowing me, i can't say for sure i wouldn't, either.

mr. write has been a dream about all this.
he's tolerated my love for a-ha for as long as he's known me. in fact, one of the first times he and i snuggled i dreamily informed him, "you smell like my a-ha book" so it's not like he didn't know what he was getting into when we started dating.
he was even genuinely happy for me when i scored tickets to their sold out concert in london.

yup - you read that right!

of course, this doesn't necessarily mean i'll actually be able to make it over the pond to see them, but at least i have tickets to their (very special and once in a lifetime) show at the RAH.

so, now that there is a glimmer of hope i might be able to see my band perform one last time, i REALLY need to get back on track with my novel. 
but who am i kidding? there's a ton of youtube videos calling my name right now.


4emkaa said...


Neurotic Workaholic said...

I hope you do get to go! That would be fun, and London would be a great place to visit. Maybe you could do other touristy things there if you do go. I'd suggest some, but I've never actually been to London, sigh.

Christine Fletcher said...

Once in a lifetime. Disbanding forever. Obsessed.

You have GOT to go.

("You smell like my a-ha book..." I'm willing to bet that's the most hilarious thing I'll read all day!)

Dawn said...

The book will be there, always. The band, sadly, will not. You have an opportunity of a lifetime. It makes me smile inside knowing you're going to take it. xo

mi said...

4emkaa - keep your fingers crossed for me!

neurotic workaholic - thanks! i have a love/hate relationship with london quite often. i miss it terribly when i'm here, and when i'm there something always seems to go wrong and i just want to leave!

christine - thank you for your support! honestly, it means so much to me that people aren't commenting with "you are crazy and need a life".

dawn - thank you!!! and you are totally right.

Random Thinker said...

What can you sell on Ebay to get yourself over there? Who can watch the little one? You have to go.

SkippyMom said...

C'mon girlie sell your manuscript [when it is finished - you can do it, you have skillz :) ] - and then you can afford the trip over the pond.

I rooting for you [and being a wee bit selfish - I want to read it!!!]

Johnny Rojo said...

Hope you can make it over there for the concert!

I've been working on my musician bucket list lately-- musicians or bands I need to see before I, or in some cases they-- kick the bucket. Tony Bennett is an example of the latter. Missed a chance to see Los Lobos for free in downtown Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Worse, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant showed up to do the encore with them, performing Roy Head's "Treat Her Right," one of my favorite oldies. Also, I've somehow managed to never see Bob Seger.