Monday, April 16, 2012

when write is right

"Freedom from the chains of opinion is the starting point of real art."
- Chris Corner

it's not often you get to pick the brain of someone you greatly admire.
being able to ask them about their creative process, what their art means to them, and get a completely personal response is awe inspiring.
so it's no coincidence i am blogging again just a couple days after my email exchange with chris corner of IAMX.

there is so much truth in the above quote. truth i wish i had realized when i was younger and dreamed of being a dancer. truth that is not lost on me now, so many years later and with a new dream.

it's easy to get bogged down and lost in the opinions of others. to change your direction and flow based on the feedback you get, well intentioned or not. i found myself questioning my plot lines and characters after X amount of agent rejections. i began to wonder if i had enough talent to be a published author, or if writing was just meant to be a hobby. i put writing on the back burner to focus on my business.
but still, my creative mind was at work. and i continued to draw inspiration wherever and whenever i could.

there comes a time when you know in your soul what you are meant to do. when you know you can't be confined by opinions and expectations - when you just have to create, in the manner in which you are meant to create.

so, i am giving myself back to the muse.

book review - devil's footsteps by e.e. richardson

my two cent(ence)s - this book was a chore to read. the characters had no depth, the story didn't retain my interest and i would not recommend it to anyone.

wow. pretty brutal of me, huh? but i have to be honest.
and honestly this is one of the most uninterestingly written books i've ever read. if i didn't have a rule about finishing books i begin reading, i would have put it down after three chapters.

the story is of a kid whose older brother disappeared years ago. the kid (i don't even remember the character's name, that's how unremarkable this book is) saw his brother disappear after reciting 'the devil's footsteps' rhyme. apparently this rhyme conjures the devil and he takes away the person who says it while they jump from a series of stepping stones.
this kid is totally interchangeable with two other kids introduced. these kids have one thing in common: apparently they are the only ones in town willing to admit the devil's footsteps are real.

oi, can you tell the complete lack of effort i'm putting into this review? it's because this book was a waste of my time. no kidding.

anyway, some "scary" imagery is introduced in some "did it happen or didn't it?" scenes. blah, blah, blah, i think they conquer the devil but i'm not even sure. i was just happy to have scanned the last few pages before turning my nook off.