Sunday, March 7, 2010

book review - stealing heaven by elizabeth scott

stealing heaven by elizabeth scott

my two cent(ence)s: fun, easy read with a simple, linear plot. rather predictable, but i'd recommend it to anyone looking for something easy and light.

stealing heaven is about a girl, danielle, who has never gone to school, never had friends, and never lived in a real home - all because she and her mother are thieves who live their lives going from one job to another.

even though danielle is a thief (because she knows nothing different) she is still a likable character. she struggles with the life her mother has chosen for them, partly because she wishes she could lead a normal life and partly because she knows what they do is wrong. when they set up shop in the town of heaven, danielle finds herself wishing she could lead the life of the person she's pretending to be. of course, she meets a guy (which ends up being very complicated because he's a cop) and their banter is cute, fun and natural.
danielle and her mother are caught after their big job in heaven, though they get off on a technicality. she has to deal with the consequences of her actions, namely losing the only friend she had and ruining her chance with the cop. she realizes she can't live as a thief anymore, especially after it is confirmed her mother has cancer. danielle ends up taking care of her mother, going to school like a normal person, and reaching out to the cop who she feels is the only person to really know the true her.

i felt the opening chapter was written quite well, and i wished the rest of the book had the same feel and energy. the cancer element was telegraphed early in the book - literally, the first time the mother coughs it's obvious she's suffering from a fatal disease. no surprises plot wise, but i really did enjoy the scenes between danielle and the cop. his character is extremely likable (almost to the point of disbelief) and the reader does root for the two of them to get together. all in all i'd recommend it as a fast, light read.

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