Tuesday, March 9, 2010

elovin' my ereader

this past valentine's day mr. write surprised me with a nook ereader.
i. was. elated.
i've read more books in this past month than i did all of last year (a big chunk of that reason is because i've been so occupied with the little KidLit).

now i know several people are indifferent, even opposed, to ebooks, but i LOVE them.
i love them because i can store them all on one device - and since i have absolutely no room for all the books i'd like to read, my nook is the perfect solution.
i love them because i can prop my nook on my knee while i'm feeding the KidLit and still be able to read without losing my page.
i love them because they are cheaper than their physical counterparts.
i love them because my literary world has opened up: at any time, from any place i can download a new ebook and start reading.

i know agent kristen nelson has blogged a lot about ebooks and the publishing industry (btw, i think her clients are damn lucky to have her as an agent - she is ON TOP of what's new in publishing, that's for sure), and the issues publishers and authors are running into.
author christine fletcher informed me both her titles are available for kindle, but not for the nook and that it's the publishers who decide what eformat their authors' books will be available in, which is something i've been noticing when looking for ebooks to purchase.

i'm not sure why publishers would make an ebook available through amazon but not through barnes and noble. it's not like they only allow amazon and not other booksellers to sell the physical copy of a title, so why the discrepancy when it comes to ereaders?
i know it's early days still for the barnes and noble nook, and i'm sure that eventually all the titles available for kindle will be available on the nook as well. but honestly, it seems formatting a title as an epub file is just as easy as any other file, so why not just do it?

maybe someone can fill me in if they know the reason.
either way, i'm still in love with my nook.


Biff Nightingale said...

Personally, I'm not against the e-reader, I'm just concerned it will lead to more book piracy via the internet..although I am one of those people that likes the 'feel' of a book, I am also in love with the beautiful screens on the things.

Christine Fletcher said...

I just got a surprise Kindle for my birthday, which I'll be blogging about in a while (after I finish writing the chapter of the week.) In short: I am conflicted, and yet in love.

I expect that titles currently on one e-reader format will eventually be available on others. Mine showed up first for Sony, then Kindle. Can nook be far behind? (Actually, I have no idea. But I'm optimistic.)

Anonymous said...

Actually some books are much more available on Kindle because Amazon has an exclusive deal to sell some ebooks, and no other ereader can touch them. I cannot find linkage evidence of this, but I know its true. If and when I find this evidence, I will come back and post it.

ikw said...

biff - i have been reading that book piracy is a real concern. i do, like you, love the feel of a book. my nook is just so damn practical in my day to day life that i can't help but sing its praises!

christine - i certainly hope your titles will be available on nook. i check every week to see if they've been added :)
do you write a chapter each week and edit it before you continue? do you limit yourself to a chapter a week, or do you sometimes write more?

anonymous - i can see why that would be advantageous to amazon, but it seems odd the publishers would be willing to limit the sale of their books. it's like allowing borders to sell certain titles and not barnes and noble, yeah?