Friday, July 23, 2010

follow me! or don't!

i've been not so great at updating my blog, i admit.
really, i'm trying to spare you every a-ha related thought that goes through my mind!

fellow blogger neurotic workaholic wrote this post about blogs, followers, and empty compliments.

i follow a fair amount of blogs, and there was a time when i could read all those and comment every time they had a new post. but honestly, it's been really hard lately to do that between the KidLit (and a-ha), thinking about the changes i need to make to my wip (and a-ha), and working on a business venture with mr. write (and a-ha). really, of all the blogs i follow, there are only a handful i regularly check.

i know followers are very important to some bloggers, and that's all fine and good.
but that's not me.
it might have to do with my personality. i'm more of a "take me or leave me" kind of gal. i find it too exhausting to be everything to everyone, so i figure i'll just the best me i can be.

i'm grateful for the readers i have, and i love when they take the time to leave comments.
but my self-esteem is not measured by a box of profile pictures on the side of my blog. my goal has never been to collect followers, or even a "fan base". if it were, i would have continued with my other blog, which although is never updated, still gets hundreds of hits a week. in fact, that blog is just about to have it's millionth hit, and although i'm happy people still get enjoyment out of it, i feel the same way about that blog as i do my current one:
if you want to read it, great! if not, ok.

some bloggers brainstorm on how to get more followers and suggest holding contests and giving out blog awards. if that's what works for you, and it's what you want to do, fantabulous.
but again, that's not me.

although i tend to follow blogs by unpublished writers, i wouldn't exactly consider myself a part of their community. not because i don't think they are a great group of people, just that where i update sporadically, they update regularly.
where i go on and on about my favorite band, they have themed posts dealing with the writing craft.
where i only use vague and cryptic terms when discussing my wip, they go into great detail.

i've made genuine friends on blogger. friends i couldn't have met if my time had been spent trying to accumulate more followers.
in a nutshell: i blog for the love of it, and i am happy to take this ride with all of you.


KarenG said...

There you go mentioning that "other blog" again, and I am dying of curiousity! The "other blog" that was so popular and you came over here to start an anonymous one, and we don't know who you are yet your other blog is still getting hits!! Argh, I am SO curious! You could be anybody. You could be Oprah. Or Seth Godin. Or Ringo Starr. You're killing me!

mi said...

kareng - haha! no, i'm just mi!
if you look under my profile pic there is a link titled "who i was". that's the other blog :)

jennl777 said...

Darlin', you do NOT need to make excuses. Your "job" is to make yourself happy. We, your readers, look forward to when posting makes you happy. When it takes a backseat to your work on your upcoming novel (or whatever other subject might be occupying your time ;-), THAT'S OKAY!!!

You do what makes you feel good. We heart you, no matter what.

KarenG said...

Aha good thing I came back! Now I'll go follow the link and find the "other blog" Bwa ha ha!

Random Thinker said...

I once had a blogger write a blog post about how it was just common courtesy to leave a comment when you read someone else's blog. She was very upset about it. I'm pretty sure she meant me since she stopped leaving comments on my blog and removed my blog from her blog list a few days prior.

I felt like leaving a comment on that post: "What? Isn't reading your blog enough? Do you really need the ego stroke that much?"

It is nice to get comments. I won't lie. But if traffic was what I was after I'd just start a porn site. I write for myself. The friends I've made along the way are like a nice little bonus.

mi said...

jennl777 - you are awesome and thank you for that!

kareng - enjoy! haha!

random thinker - "But if traffic was what I was after I'd just start a porn site." <--- this seriously had me laughing! and i agree, the friends are a nice little bonus!

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I have to admit I do like getting new followers, but I'd keep writing even if only 2 or 3 people were reading my stuff. I don't go into a lot of detail about the writing craft either, partly because I don't know a lot about it; I figure when it comes to writing I'll just blog about my own experiences.

4emkaa said...


Christine Fletcher said...

>>But if traffic was what I was after I'd just start a porn site.<<

If I'd been drinking coffee, I'd need a new laptop. Best laugh of the day!

I never could get hyped up about all this, either. I do love the comments I get and am thankful when people take the time. But I decided long ago, when everyone was bleating about how newly-pubbed writers HAVE to blog every day, we HAVE to have themed blogs, we HAVE to leave five comments a day minimum on other blogs, we HAVE to use tags and keywords etc to get to the top of search engines...I realized that wasn't me. And anything that's not me simply won't get done. I've been blogging for over 4 years, and I'm sporadic, I can be all over the map topic-wise, but I'm still here, because the way I blog agrees with me. And I like to think that when people read my blog, they get a little sense of who I am.

Interestingly, more and more now, the blogging "advice" I hear is: Do what works for you. Thanks...already am! :) And so are you. It shows in the genuine voice of your posts. Stay true!

mi said...

neurotic workaholic - your strategy is most definitely working for you!

4emkaa - glad you are feeling better and are back at home!

christine - you'll never know how inspirational your words are to me.
and i also believe your staying power has to do with the authenticity of your blog.

Dawn said...

I totally understand this post. I enjoy comments on my blog when people enjoy what they read...but if I don't get any, it isn't the end of the world. I write for me.
Sidenote though, I ALWAYS read your posts :-)

catherine said...


found you through Neurotic Workaholic...thought i'd give you a follow :)

mi said...

dawn - haha, dawn. considering we are long lost 80s twins it doesn't surprise me that we regularly read each other's blogs!

catherine - hi! thanks for reading!

Anna Station said...

So I love following your blog, as you can see I don't always get to read it right away. I think you are uber talented AND I feel it helps me stay connected to you in our busy lives. Keep blogging, when you can and I will keep reading when I can! Hugs!

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