Sunday, April 4, 2010

distracted by prince charming

i haven't posted or worked much on my wip in the last week because of two reasons:
1. i'm fighting off a bug, and
2. i've been distracted by the first man i ever loved

it started with a dream - vivid although extremely short, which got me thinking non-stop about the first person ever to make my heart flutter.
and this past week i've been hooked. i've been looking at pictures and videos, remembering the different places i saw him, basically obsessing.

i've been driving everyone around me bonkers, including mr. write, with my non-stop talking, researching, watching the former object of my desire. i couldn't really understand how one small dream could trigger my journey into the past, but a close friend of mine brought up a really good point.
"you've been reading nothing but young adult books that take place in high school," she said. "and your current novel also takes place in a high school. it makes sense your brain is processing things like a teenager because you're trying to recreate that world in your book. so it's no surprise to me your obsessing over your first love."

and i totally concur with this. although i first had feelings for this man at age 4, it wasn't until high school that i REALLY went overboard for him. i even told my high school boyfriend that we were only dating temporarily, since i was convinced i would end up marrying the man i was gaga over.

so, i'm hoping that this (wonderful) trip down memory lane is coming to an end so i can get back to writing!

btw - here is the man who swept me off my tiny feet at age 4, who was on my mind non-stop while in high school, and who i will always, always love and admire:

yes, the dandy highwayman himself: adam ant.


Random Thinker said...

I definitely see the attraction. For me it was Donny Osmond (the shame).

ikw said...

random thinker - your donny has good taste
did you know he was an ant fan?

Christine Fletcher said...

A friend of mine in college was a massive Adam Ant fan. I barely knew who he was, but I do agree, he's quite crush-worthy!

ikw said...

christine - once the ant bites, your addicted for life!

Johnny Yen said...

LOL! Okay, thanks for making me feel REALLY old. Adam Ant was popular when I was in college.

Christine Fletcher said...

LOL! I guess that explains it, then! :)

My Shaun Cassidy love (OK, now I'm REALLY dating myself) never had that kind of staying power!

ikw said...

johnny yen - haha, sorry!

christine - ok, so i've heard that there was a rivalry between sean and david cassidy fans. true?